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Offices in Nässjö, Sweden
Offices in Nässjö, Sweden

Tapper Sealing Technology AB is one of the leading innovators in the cable and pipe entry market. We develop, manufacture and export innovative and flexible cable and pipe entry systems. The key focus of all our products is to offer added value to the end customer/user.

Tapper Sealing Technology (TST) started out as a manufacturing partner to Rutab, Sweden’s leading supplier of cable and pipe entries. From the very beginning, our main focus has been innovative production techniques and products. Our offices and production facility are located in Nässjö, in south central Sweden – one of the country’s major logistical centers.

Tapper Sealing Technology is ISO approved to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

TST is a family owned and managed company and has been so since it was founded.



Production facility in Nässjö, Sweden
Production facility in Nässjö, Sweden

In line with our focus on innovation, we are continuously developing and investing in new, cutting edge production and mould technology. By pushing the boundaries of conventional production and mould technology, TST has been able to successfully manufacture and market quality products offering added benefits to the end user economically from our base in Sweden. One example of this effort is our RUTASEAL® rubber grommets, produced with a fully automated production technique for rubber items, developed entirely within our own company. Another example is KLIKSEAL®, a 2-component injection molded cable and pipe seal with cable anchorage, which also is produced with a completely automated production technique developed within the company.

The TSS is designed to replace cheaper and simpler sealing products available on the market. It is a very flexible endplug/grommet for all applications, with several beneficial features not available in competitor products. It is produced using techniques previously unique to rubber manufacturing. Design-A-Flange is the latest example of advanced production technique in a new and innovative product.



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