RUTASEAL is a rubber grommet 

RUTASEAL is a cable seal that is very simple to use and does not require any installation tools. The Rutaseal rubber grommet with its pop-out membrane ensures a round hole every time safeguarding the IP67 rating.

RUTASEAL is SEMKO tested for IP67 internally and externally. The chloroprene version is also DNV approved.

RUTASEAL is produced in EPDM and Chloroprene rubber in both PG and Metric sizes. The seals are produced in black, light grey and grey.

RUTASEAL is ideal where space is restricted and the cable seal adapts to round surfaces.

RUTASEAL has a very high finish and the automated production process ensures the same even and high quality on all products.


Our rubber grommet offers

Our rubber grommet offers a quicker installation than a cable gland, is more economical and does not require any tools to install. Each size of rubber grommet can handle a larger cable span and the Installation is sealed before and after cable installation without the need for any plugs.
End users often tend to use a cable gland even though they may not need to, but do so out of habit, lack of substitutes or knowledge of alternative products. This is where our grommets can be more beneficial to use -with no need for threaded holes or a lock-nut, easy and fast installation.
Our grommets also adjust itself to rounded installation sufaces.

Should the installation require cable anchorage TST offers an innovative solution in the form of our Klikseal, a grommet with cable anchorage type A.

There are several reasons why so many installers choose a rubber grommet instead of a plastic cable gland when you want to seal your installation from dust and water. We have listed some of the reasons on this page called why choose a rubber grommet instead of a plastic cable gland.

TRS RUTASEAL rubber grommet IP67.
Rubber grommet for round and curved surfaces up to IP67.
Innovative rubber grommet for all applications.
Rubber grommet TRS RUTASEAL offers IP67 protection with an easy installation



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