Why choose a rubber grommet instead of a plastic cable gland?

From cable gland to rubber grommet

A rubber grommet offers a quicker installation than a cable gland, costs less and no need for tools for installation.  Our rubber grommets can handle a larger cable span and the installation will be sealed prior to and after cable installation without the need for any plugs. There are several reasons why so many installers choose a rubber grommet instead of a plastic cable gland when you want to seal your installation from dust and water.



More resistant to weather, UV-light and ozone – less inclined to dry up, crack and come lose.

2. More resistant to acids (Phosphoric, Saltpeter, Hydrochloric & Sulphuric).
3. Handles larger temperature span than most glands.
4. Quick and easy installation from one side only — no locknut to screw on from the other side.
5. Ideal where space is restricted - less protrusion and space needed.
6. Ergonomically better, no negative effect on wrists since it does not need to be screwed into place.
7. Superior to cable gland up to IP67, except where strain relief is at a premium. Less work and time needed for installation compared to a cable gland - thus lower installation cost.
8. The opening is always sealed until the membrane is pushed out – no need for stop plugs or blind plugs, which will reduce costs.
9. More economic solution.



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