KLIKSEAL® is an ergonomic combination of a cable gland and a grommet that does not require any torque during installation. It simply “kliks” into place

Klikseal is a revolutionary two-component grommet with cable anchorage – something completely new to the cable sealing market.
Through innovation and advanced production technology, we have designed a grommet that has many of the advantages found in a cable gland. Klikseal is tested and certified to Cable Anchorage
Type A - the same standard most cable glands are
approved to.

Apart from the cable anchorage, Klikseal is compact, self-adjusting to its surrounding wall thickness, click-fixes into place, has a membrane seal, is waterproof, requires very little effort to install with its collapsible outer membrane, and saves up to 90% of your installation time.


”Pushout” membrane

Klikseal is equipped with a ”Pushout” membrane which means the opening is sealed to IP67 both before and after installation of the cable. This eliminated the need for a plug.
Thanks to this “pushout” membrane the hole will always be round resulting in a safe and correct installation.

Save up to 90%

Klikseal is a superior economic solution as it saves up to 90% on the complete installation time. The installation of a Klikseal is extremely easy and ergonomic without tools.
Just center the Klikseal in the opening, push with both thumbs until it “kliks” into position. Install the cable by pushing it through the grommet´s "pushout" membrane.

When a Klikseal has been installed it is fixed in both directions like a cable gland and cannot be removed unintentionally.


Klikseal is certified to IP65.


Exceptional cable range

Each size of Klikseal can be used with an exceptional range of cable and pipe diameters. An M25 can be used for cables and pipes ranging from 7 mm to 13 mm. Because of its compact design, the Klikseal only extends 5,5 mm outside the housing on which it is mounted.

The ability to self-adjust to the wall thickness means there is no need for a lock-nut to install this plastic grommet, and an M25 will fit to wall thickness of 0,5 - 5 mm depending on the Klikseal version.

Protects the cable

Rubber coated tension relief for protection of the cable mantle to avoid possible damage to the mantle of cables installed in a Klikseal the arms providing cable anchorage are coated with TPE. TPE is a plastic material with a “rubbery” texture that works as a protection between the harder plastic and the cable mantle. It also provides dampening against vibration.

TKS KLIKSEAL is a IP67 plastic grommet with a pushout membrane

Cable sealing with IP67 is why the KLIKSEAL is so popular.

Compare to the plastic cable gland the KLIKSEAL only has a protrusion of 5,5mm on the outside.

The plastic grommet that seal you cable up to IP67.
Cable sealing with cable anchorage type A.



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