Product overview

KLIKSEAL is a revolutionary two-component grommet with cable anchorage – something completely new to the market.
Through innovation and advanced production technology, we have designed a product that has many of the advantages found in a cable gland and then some…




  • Integrated cable anchorage Type A (EN50262)
  • “Pushout” membrane
  • Time saving of up to 90% for a complete installation, compared to a cable gland
  • IP65


RUTASEAL rubber grommets are available in a number of different sizes, colors and rubber types.  It is very simple to use and because of the “push-out” membrane it requires no tools, which in turn means lower installation cost.  No screw-driver or scissors are needed to make the hole, which could endanger the IP-class seal.
It can be installed from either end depending on the application.



  • “Pushout” membrane
  • Can be installed from either end depending on application
  • Works on curved surfaces as material is soft and adaptable
  • IP67


What makes the TSS different from existing products on the market are the built-in features that you do not find in this otherwise relatively simple product.  It is a membrane plug and grommet in one and it handles an exceptionally large cable span.
TSS is equipped with a sock that closes tight around the cable and allows for it to be moved around like a ”joy-stick” in the opening without endangering the IP-classification.



  • “Pushout” membrane
  • “Joy-stick” effect thanks to built-in sock
  • Works on curved surfaces as material is soft and adaptable
  • IP67


DAF - Design-A-Flange
With Design-A-Flange we are introducing a new flange concept, with an unparalleled level of protection and flexibility. It is an innovative modular system where inserts can be changed depending on your needs.
You are no longer forced to use a fixed flange with a certain number of pre-determined openings. You choose the configuration that suits your needs.


  • Modular flange system
  • Design your own solutions
  • Compact design
  • "Pushout" membrane
  • "Joy-stick" effect
  • No need to drill separate holes to install a Klikseal or a cable gland
  • The inserts are easily changed to adapt to new needs
  • Software design tool
  • IP65



TKS_Klikseal_installed DAF_design-a-flange_installed Rutaseal_rubber_grommets-cable-installed TSS-cable-sealing_installed

Each of our products can handles exceptionally large cable span and incorporate a push-out membrane which ensures a round hole and stated IP protection without the need for tools.
Our products are designed to provide significant installation time-savings to the end user which equates to reduced installation costs.



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