The Design-A-Flange System

You are no longer forced to use a flange where someone else has decided what size openings, how many, and how they are placed. A pre-determined solution where you often end up having quite a few openings unused is now a thing of the past.

With Design-A-Flange you can either choose a pre-configured solution or you can design your own. You can choose what size openings, how many and where they should be placed in the frame – allowing for a completely tailor made solution. You can choose if you want to have a system that is suitable for today’s needs, or one that allows flexibility for the future. Should you want to change your system configuration later on, this is not a problem - the only thing you need to do is change inserts.
Design-A-Flange and its interchangeable sealing inserts gives you an extremely flexible flange solution, allowing you to combine different types of seals. If our water- and dust proof membrane seals are not enough you can choose the knock-out insert and install a KLIKSEAL or a cable gland. You can then have cable anchorage for those cables needing this. You can choose the protection level individually for each cable and combine different levels in the same flange.
You can even cut out the membrane seals and install different sealing products in the openings. This allows for tremendous flexibility as you have the possibility to adapt the system, even after installation, to fit changing needs or new installations. For the first time ever you are allowed to design a flange solution that suits all your needs – from cable placement to sealing type.

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