Extended TSS rangeRSS

We are expanding our popular TSS-range with additional sizes. Apart from the existing M16-M32, it will also
be available in M40 and PG9-PG29 – a total of six additional sizes.

TSS is a technically advanced yet “simple” grommet designed to replace existing end plugs and other less
functional plastic plugs that are difficult and impractical to use. It comes equipped with features never
before seen in cost effective grommets. TSS is made of a rubber-like material which gives it a number of
benefits compared to traditional thermoplastic plugs.
For cable
diam. mm*
A mm B mm D** mm D1 mm H mm H1 mm H2 mm
PG9 5-10 16 0,5-3 24 4 11 4 6,75
PG11 6-12 19 0,5-3 26 5 11 4 6,75
PG16 8-15 23 0,5-3,5 30 7 11 4 6,75
PG21 10-20 29 0,5-4,5 36 9 11 4 6,75
PG29 18-27 38 1,5-4,5 45 17 13,5 4,84 7,41
M40 19-30 40,5 1,5-4,5 47,5 18 13,5 4,84 7,41
* Tentative till final tests and certifications are done.  
** Varies depending on the thickness of the material installed in.  
Like all our other products the TSS has a pop-out membrane, leaving a sealed and water proof installation
until it is penetrated by a cable. It can also be used as an end-plug and is one of very few that is approved for
The TSS is extremely flexible and handles a very wide range of cable diameters. TSS is designed to be fixed
securely in the opening, also when larger cables are installed. Since the material is soft, it is ideal to use on
curved surfaces, as it will adapt to the shape of the surface.
It is the only product on the market that offers the “Joy-stick” effect which is a reversible sock that seals the
cable. This allows for cables to be mounted at an angle while still retaining an IP67 rating.
All these features and additional ones are found in a product that is a very cost effective alternative for many
Ask us for samples and see for yourself.

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