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Customer case #10







Heating pump manufacturer wanted to have a more flexible solution than using 12 cable glands with blind plugs.




2003 – Rutaseal grommets.




By switching to Rutaseal grommets and an all-closed solution, costs were reduced by 50% and installation time reduced by 20%.

The manufacturer could still send the pumps to customers and representatives without worrying about humidity and dust entering the pumps without spending money on blind plugs that would be thrown away as soon as cables are installed.



Solution II:


2008 – Customized Design-A-Flange (DAF) with membranes and Klikseal.




By switching to DAF the manufacturer only needs to create a single opening, rather than 12 individual ones and install one flange rather than 12 grommets.  Using DAF with its interchangeable inserts has allowed for increased flexibility for local adaptations.  Using Klikseal in the flange provides cable anchorage where required, whilst further decreasing installation time.  Total installation time was decreased by 15%, and despite the increased costs for sealing products of 7% - the total cost has decreased by 13%.


Cable entry by design




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